Thame Conservatory Cleaning
Princes Risborough Conservatory Cleaning


Whether your conservatory has been newly installed and you want to keep that “newly installed” look, or you have recently moved house and have inherited an already dirty conservatory, our unique conservatory cleaning process will bring your conservatory back to life.

Regular cleaning of your conservatory will reduce your overall maintenance costs and will prevent corrosion, fading and discoloration which in turn leads to leaks and the need for replacement.

Our professional cleaners at Sunshine Conservatories, based in Oxfordshire, use special cleaning agents to remove grime and algae. The cleaning includes guttering, roofs, framework and windows.To ensure all moving parts work smoothly we lubricate hinges and locks to ensure good performance and to maintain their long llife.

We recommend that your conservatory should be cleaned professionally every year to maintain its looks and performance.

We can also inspect the conservatory at the same time and advise on any maintenance issues you may want to address.

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