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Does your conservatory get too hot during the summer?
…………………….and yet get too cold during the winter?


Well this can become a thing of the past!

At Sunshine Conservatories we can supply and install solar controlled glass units which let the light rays in but reduce the heat. This can stop the harmful UV light entering the conservatory and reflect upto 80% of the heat preventing the solar energy entering the conservatory.

In winter most of the heat escapes through the roof of the conservatory. By installing solar controlled glass units most of the heat is radiated back into the conservatory helping you control the temperature in the conservatory and reducing your heating costs. We can also install conservatory insulation to make heating your conservatory very efficient.

The solar controlled glass units need no special maintenance or cleaning and have a 10 year limited warranty. Once installed they soon will pay back their cost.

As a result the solar controlled units can help you enjoy and use your conservatory to the full. No need for expensive blinds and you can maintain that light open feel to your conservatory.

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